Upcycled flipped farmhouse

bedside tables

Bedside tables Denatured alcohol Chalk paint (I used blue) Gloves Glaze (I used smoky glaze) Non-pilling rag Topcoat (matte) New hardware

What you'll need

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Select your pieces, because I was using a glaze, I selected ones with visual interest. Throughly clean the pieces. Ensure any dirt or grime is removed. 


Tape up lines and paint all pieces with a coat of chalk paint. 


Glaze and then use your non-pilling rag to wipe it the pieces down to get the color and finish the way you want.  


I used the smoked glaze designed for chalk-painted furniture, and I loved the finish. 


Using the glaze pulled out the beautiful detailing on these pieces. 


I sealed these with a spray sealant designed for chalk-paint that leaves a nice matte finish and then added modern hardware.

Flipped bedside tables for under $30!

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