Kelly and her goat

Hi, I'm Kelly. Let's be friends

I believe in finding small ways to celebrate every day. Creating joy in everyday things only compounds the feeling when you can share it with others, which is exactly why I'm here.

I'm passionate about food and inventing new recipes to share. I've also learned a few life lessons the hard way, so I'll throw in some advice here-and-there. The truth is that most of my "advice" pieces are really just written for me so I will finally take some of my own. You might even get some gardening tips, travel adventures, and do-it-yourself ideas here.

Last but not least, our family is following our dream of living the farm-to-table lifestyle with a few acres of our own. So I can't promise there won't be farm tips and random baby animal pictures. Basically, this blog is just a grab-bag of fun.

I love our ever-growing animal menagerie that includes - and I am not making this up - goats, chickens, ducks, guinea fowl, quail, a dog, an accidental cat, and even a wallaby. I'm trying to figure out how to rehab a 70's house on a tight budget. Also, no stress, I work full-time (plus), have a baby under two, a husband who keeps me sane, and I try to talk to my friends sometimes.

Not gonna lie, I'm pretty much living the dream. Also, send coffee - and maybe some wine.