A Recipe for Homemade Goat Milk Lotion

Goat milk lotion may not be something you’re aware of, but you should be. When it comes to natural skincare, goat milk is the holy grail of ingredients. It is naturally high in skin plumping nutrients and has the same pH as human skin, which means it is safe for sensitive skin.

The many beneficial properties of goat milk make it ideal in homemade cosmetics, like soap and lotion. This recipe is my go-to for a hydrating formula that is moisturizing and non-greasy. 

Lactic Acid Locks in Moisture

Goat milk contains lactic acid, an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that has been shown to increase the production of ceramides. Ceramides are a class of waxy molecules known as lipids. They make up 50% of your skin’s outer layer and act as a natural barrier.

Lactic is also a natural humectant and provides gentle exfoliation and hydration.

Probiotics Balance Your Skin

The probiotics found within goat milk work to balance your skin’s natural flora, resulting in more even skin tone that is less prone to breaking out or over-dryness. 

The Vitamin A found in goat milk acts as a gentle exfoliant while protecting your skin from sun damage and slowing the breakdown of collagen. 

Making Lotion With Goat Milk

This recipe follows a similar procedure to standard lotion making, which is essentially an emulsification of oil-based and water-based ingredients. This recipe incorporates raw goat milk as part of the water-based ingredients. 

The most important part of homemade cosmetics is keeping everything as clean as possible. Sterilize your equipment and use a naturally-derived preservative (see below) to ensure your final product is shelf-stable.

Homemade Goat Milk Lotion

A creamy, nourishing lotion made with raw goat milk, shea butter, and essential oils.


  • 9 oz distilled water

  • 9 oz raw goat milk (you can use frozen, just let it thaw)

  • 1.25 oz emulsifying wax

  • 4.5 oz oils (below is what I use)

    • 1.75 oz coconut oil
    • 1.0 oz olive oil
    • 1.75 oz almond oil
  • 1.25 oz shea butter

  • 05. tsp Optiphen (a preservative that keeps mold and other yuck from growing)

  • 0.5 tsp essential oils


  • Begin by washing everything in hot, soapy water. Make sure you wash your immersion blender, too!

  • Combine coconut oil, almond oil, and shea butter in your pot. Heat them until just melted.

  • Add the emulsifying wax to the melted oil mixture and heat everything until it is melted.

  • Combine the oil and wax mixture with the milk and water. Blend everything with the immersion blender for 4-5 minutes until the mixture is slightly thickened.

  • Add Optiphen and your essential oils. Blend for 1 additional minute. The mixture will thin back out at this point-that's okay. 

  • Pour mixture into the containers of your choice and allow to cool. The mixture will thicken back up at room temp. 


    And that’s it! This recipe makes about 24 ounces of lotion-enough for you and a few deserving friends. Let me know how the recipe works for you in the comments!

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