Perfect party – queso blanco skillet

In a world where people want the healthiest foods, sometimes you just need to embrace a skillet full of cheese and sausage with a side of chips. That’s ok. Own it.

There are two methods of serving this dish that work best – I prefer to make the entire thing in a LARGE cast iron skillet and just set it on a trivet in front of the party. Also, remember that both friends who are drinking beer and children (groups that exhibit similar behavior) will ruin your nice non-stick pans – ask me how I know.

If a skillet isn’t your thing, you can also do the first three steps, (brown the meat and sauté the onion) in a pan, then add those, and all the remaining ingredients, to a crock pot on low to keep warm for the course of a longer party. If you’re taking it to someone’s house, this is the preferred method, as you do not want to use their stove space (it’s only polite). I have never, however, had this queso last long enough to necessitate a crock pot.


16 ounce package of Jimmy Dean Sausage

1 onion – chopped (LOOK, IT’S A VEGETABLE!)

1 28 ounce can of Ro*tel – well drained (LOOK, MORE VEGETABLES – also, I use the mild version if children will be eating it)

8 ounce cream cheese – cut into cubes

32 ounce Velveeta queso blanco (if not available at your store, normal yellow Velveeta is fine and still very delicious) – cut into cubes

10.5 ounce can of cream of celery condensed soup (I feel the judgement you’re radiating through the computer, but just trust me on this)

Chopped cilantro and green onion to top/garnish

Step 1 – Brown sausage in skillet.

Step 2 – Once browned, drain excess fat and reserve sausage on a plate. I prefer to line the plate with paper towels and then cover with additional paper towels to blot. Drain liquid from skillet but do not fully clean – leave some coating the bottom of the skillet or pan.

Step 3 РSaut̩ onions to translucent with remaining sausage fat.

Step 4 – Over low heat, add well-drained Ro*tel to warm onions, and cubes of cream cheese until just melty. Then add Velveeta cubes until they soften, and condensed soup. Next, add the reserved sausage. Stir occasionally over low heat.

Step 5 – Top with chopped cilantro and green onion and serve with chips, tortillas – and let’s just be honest with ourselves – probably just some spoons.

That’s it! So easy. Trust me – people will devour this like cheese jackals.

2 thoughts on “Perfect party – queso blanco skillet”

  1. Had to use the original Valetta since the blanco was not available but still – Yummers. Our new Super Bowl queso!

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